The Way I See It. An increasingly-personal account of the world as seen by someone on the Autism spectrum.

Hans Asperger:

Autistic children have the ability to see things and events around them from a new point of view, which often shows surprising maturity.

We know now that Autism (including Asperger’s Syndrome) is not a “childhood” condition, but something that affects persons life-long, and is in fact part of their core being. I would be a different person without it, and as such, I’m not seeking a “cure”.

Steve Silberman’s excellent book NeuroTribes (from where I pulled the above quote) goes into this in quite some detail.

I don’t speak for any group, but the more I look around, the less of a special snowflake I seem. There are others out there who think like I do, and others who don’t. So, who’d be interested an autistic take on various headline issues?–on seeing things from possibly a new point of view without the usual set of social filters? I may have to dust off a Scalzi-esque mallet of moderation. Would you follow this? Comment below.