I’m rounding up more Geeks for my reading list, and that means an other giveaway.

The prize this time is a LifeTrack Brite R450 Smartwatch. This is a really cool piece of hardware.

20150218_DIGI LIFETRAK_st

It tracks your light exposure, both “need more” in mornings and “need less” at night. It knows the difference between blue light and other light.

It’s also a very smart sleep tracker, to help you wake up refreshed.

Unlike the FitBit, this is waterproof. Shower away!

Also unlike the FitBit, it has a built-in battery that lasts for six months. All in all, a solid set of features.

With winter days getting shorter, SAD is a real concern. You can beat the winter blues with a little help: light an movement.

Sign up for the giveaway. You’ll get a Magic URL that you can give to others, and when they sign up, your chances of winning go way up. And all entrants get access to an exclusive Ada Lovelace ebook. Contest concludes on December 10th, the 200th anniversary of Ada’s birth.

LifeTrack Brite R450 Giveaway