Here are more reasons why you should nominate Broken Tablet on Kindle Scout today. UPDATE: nominations have closed on April 30.

  • All nominators get a free copy of the book, if it goes on to get published through the program.
  • This book features a non-western culture. (I love LOTR, for example, but it’s thinly-papered-over England. Broken tablet holds a much different experience.)
  • This book features a non-Western protagonist, Muslim in fact. Not a terrorist, just a regular person.
  • This book features many women characters, often in positions of power compared to cultural expectations.
  • This book has been engineered from start to finish for maximum reader experience.
  • The writing style includes subtle humor to offset many heavy moments.
  • If you’ve read Snow Crash, you can get some answers about the me and the Nam-Shub of Enki.
  • You will learn some Babylonian mathematics and experience cuneiform writing.
  • Your Sumerian vocabulary will greatly increase.
  • You will learn how to deliver lambs.
  • This is only the first book in a series. Much more good stuff to come.
  • You will be supporting an independent author.
  • You will be supporting an autistic author, and helping me give ADHD and depression a well-deserved boot to the head.
  • You can say you knew Micah before he was famous. 🙂

If you already nominated, what helped you decide? Comment here or on Twitter, tagging @micahpedia.

That campaign link, which includes a 5,000 word excerpt. For the record.