Since I log all my reading on Goodreads, it makes it easy to keep track of what I really liked over the year. Here’s everything I marked as 5🌟 this year. How many of these have you read?

First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently
by Marcus Buckingham – Part of my deep read this year on management.

Autism: 44 Ways to Understanding- Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, and Special Needs
by Margaret LaRue – A great resource for understanding non-neurotypical folks.

Prosperity for Writers: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Abundance
by Honoree Corder – A veritable guide to getting rid of limiting beliefs you might be hanging on to.

The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know
By Shawn Coyne – One of the best books on nailing the structure of story.

The Effective Engineer: How to Leverage Your Efforts In Software Engineering to Make a Disproportionate and Meaningful Impact
By Edmond Lau – A solid guide to making greater impact in software engineering. I wish I had this years ago.

Functional Reactive Programming
By Stephen Blackheath – A technical deep-dive on the intersection of two of the hottest trends in software engineering.

How to Write Copy That Sells: The Step-By-Step System for More Sales, to More Customers, More Often
By Ray Edwards – The best, one-stop guide to copywriting. I need to re-read this monthly.

Enter Title Here
By Rahul Kanakia – A stunning, engrossing debut novel. Even if reading about teenage girls isn’t your usual fare, this one will pull you in.

Write to Market: Deliver a Book that Sells
By Chris Fox – Fast becoming the definitive guide to writing fiction that sells.

Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
By Nick Bostrom – Despite the potential to get a little heavy, talking about the fate of the solar system and beyond, a highly readable rundown of what’s likely to become some of the most important concepts our species has to grapple with.

Making Tracks: A Writer’s Guide to Audiobooks (and How to Produce Them)
By Daniel J. Sawyer – Everything I didn’t even know I needed to ask about audiobook production.

Wings of Retribution (Millennium Potion #1)
By Sara King – This fills a Firefly-shaped hole in my brain.

The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential
By John C. Maxwell – What makes a good leader, as opposed to manager? This.

Personal Kanban: Mapping Work Navigating Life
By Jim Benson – Not only a rundown of a useful workflow system, but also an inspiring treatise on life and getting things done.

So that’s my list. What did you read and really enjoy this year? Let me know in the comments. -m