FOGcon 2018 approaches. Before you know it, the calendar will read March 9th, 2018, (also known as DST time change weekend) and we’ll be meting up with FOGcon regulars as well as new faces like honored guests Andrea Hairston and Ada Palmer.

The theme for this year’s show is Performance in SF&F.

Also new this year: I’m helping run programming.

2018’s particular theme inspires lots of ideas and opportunities for panels, demonstrations, and participation events that aren’t your usual faire for literary conventions. We need your help to collect as many programming ideas as we can.

If you’ve submitted ideas before–you know the drill. Go to and sign in. Underneath “Program Suggestions” click “Submit an idea” and fill out as much or as little as you can.

If you haven’t submitted ideas before, then you are especially welcome to help out. If you’re new to FOGcon you’ll need to create an account, but the process is much the same. Ideas don’t need to be comprehensive or fully-formed. This is a distributed brainstorming problem. More ideas are only better.

In the near future a set of folks including yours truly will go over the ideas, and possibly merge and combine, sift, and sort, until we have the best possible schedule for 2018.

Part of the magic of FOGcon has always been participation and collaboration with our audience. With this year’s theme, even more so.

Come join the fun!


Spread the word

Whether you’ve submitted ideas or not, help spread the word on social media and blogs. Feel free to use some of these templates, either as-is or tweak them to make the message your own.

Hashtag #FOGcon

#FOGcon 2018 theme: Performance in SF&F. Now open for program submissions

I’ll be at #FOGcon 2018, the West Coast literary convention. Help me brainstorm program ideas:

The theme for #FOGcon 2018 is Performance in SF&F. What would you like to see? Submit your ideas here ->

Who makes #FOGcon great? You do. 2018 theme is Performance in SF&F. Your help makes it better. Submit program ideas at

The #FOGcon 2018 program is open for your submissions around the theme of Performance in SF&F.