Inspired by fellow VP alumni Miranda Suri, here’s a look behind the scenes at Chez Joel.

What I’m working on: Still plowing on my NaNoWriMo 2010 project. I briefly delved into a 6-year-old short story, which holds a special place in my heart as my first rejection-with-comments. For now, I’m focusing on the novel while it’s still fresh. I’ve outlined everything that got done in Nov, and now plotting out the grand conclusion, which ideally I’ll have written by EOY.

Snippet from the screen: She plunged the brand down. Flesh sizzled.

On my iTunes: House of Yes: Live from the House of Blues

In my mug: plain water.

Keeping me company: empty office at the moment, but the cat was keeping my chair warm earlier.

Out my window: cold (by SF standards, that’s 55F), rainy and getting dark way to early.

Kinds of food on my desk: Jawbreakers, spicy ginger, roasted pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate w/ ginger, two fresh pears.

What are you working on?