Somewhere, a 12 changed into a 13 and life goes on much as it always has.

My desk is noticeably cleaner than a month ago, due largely to the great water glass tipping of late 2012. No electronics damaged, and only one book, but a thick stack of papers got completely drenched, including about 25 of the page with all of my notes for my embryonic novel-to-be. On one hand, yeah that sucks, but on the other hand, if there are important things I need to say, they’ll find their way into the finished book, even if their first instantiation on paper at my hand is now a blurry smear.

And now for an important health announcement. Posture. I picked up a Belkin CushTop stand that despite it’s giggle-inducing name, helps keep things better aligned during computer time.

At some point in early December, because the time seemed right, I switched to the Jay Lake Story a Week program. I found that a story-per-week just slightly exceeds my available time, at least during a hectic December. In four weeks I wrote three fresh stories, and revised 1 (almost 2) others. I find that time-to-first-draft isn’t a problem for me as much as time-to-final-draft. It’s good to get stuff down but I cast about to find the story’s true core. I need a bigger pool of first-readers to challenge me, which is something I’ll be working on going forward.

Desk: 10 sticky notes visible. Kindle, new iPhone, old iPhone (still figurig out what to do with this 5-year-old device). 2 pens. 3 cables. A stack of honey varietal flashcards from a mead appreciation class. Licorice-flavored xylitol. Yerba Mate. One Amazon Local voucher for chiro. And it’s that time of year–fingerless gloves for when it gets chilly in here.