My office, which is actually a spare bedroom, has a sliding door closet right next to where the desk is situated. As a result, there’s not a lot of wallspace on which to hang things. (I’ve tried taping things to the sliding door, but they get almost instantaneously shredded when the doors overlap). As a result, lots of things that I’d like to keep up within line-of-sight, reminders say, get piled on the desk. Hence the frequent statification.

I have Pixar’s 22 rules of writing, and no place to put it. And I still have nicely marked-up pages from the FogCon writing workshop. Last month was brutal, and this month was better, if only because things had nowhere else to go but up. There are things more important that writing–family for instance–and taking care of these things takes time and energy. The trick is to get things running smoothy enough that it doesn’t take every spare second of your day.

So I finally got to the end of a brand new story, and set in on the second pass of another story that I drafted late last year. Neither one is ready to go out yet, so that puts my pace at far less than two stories in two months. But I’ll take it.

Desk-wise, I am accumulating a large number of empty mint tins (mostly not on top of the desk). If anyone has a use for these, I’d like to hear it.

Drinking: water.

Food on desk: two kinds of xylitol mints, and on the opposite corner, a selection of teas and yerba mate.

Electronics: Kindle fire, old iPhone, old iPhone case, and a handful of cables.

Not all that bad, considering.