All right, I’m easily motivated by cheap gimmicks. I’ve been tagged by the excellent John Murphy. Here’s the drill:

The rules are simple: Post 7 sentences of your work, start on page 7, count 7 lines down.

This is from a Silicon Valley satire that I’ve been churning through for a number of months (ironically slowed down somewhat by my Silicon Valley day job [since you’re wondering, no, the startup in the novel is nothing like the huge company that employs me]).

She's heard enough. Satoshi stumbles over one of the stupid
beanbags on her flounce out of Fedora's office. At first she
thinks the beeping sound is the annoying door sensor, but no,
it's her phone. A text message from an unknown number: "Don't
throw away your chance." Nobody who texts has this number.
Satoshi looks up, and Fedora's phone has received a text as
well. Fedora reads a text off the screen and flicks it away.

Page counts come from the Scrivener ‘Compile’ feature, Standard Manuscript Format for print.

In turn, I get to tag three other folks. Here’s to Miranda Suri, Vincent Jorgensen, and Effie Seiberg. (incidentally also a VP, Clarion, and Taos trifecta). -m