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This (now slightly-dated) article has been floating in my browser tab for a while. The lion-killer guy, Palmer, is not a good person in my book.

But nobody deserves to have a “Rot in Hell” sign pasted to their front door. Concerned individuals vandalized his vacation house and scattered animal parts in the driveway. Internet vigilantes doxxed Palmer and his family. They posted illegitimate negative Yelp reviews for his practice, which ultimately had to shut down for a month. I haven’t read the Yelp terms of service, but I’m pretty sure leaving a review for a business you’ve never solicited is against the rules (and spirit) of the site.

I don’t speak for anyone, but like a lot of aspies, I get very hung up on rules and fairness. As I understand it, this guy might be facing extradition to Zimbabwe–not a place known for its quality penal system–for what he did. Is that fair enough?

Just because someone is viewed as a bad person, Gamergate tactics don’t somehow become OK.

Mobs are, as a general rule, not capable of the cognitive finesse befitting the real world. Truth be told, they terrify me. If I ever feel myself getting caught up in mob mentality, I try to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Let’s be nicer to each other, especially when we disagree.