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Ada Lovelace Time Travel Geek-out teaser

Hollywood movies have “teaser” trailers, so why not books? Read on for a limited-time offer to get your hands on it before everyone else.

Not long after Steve Jobs passed, someone said (and if you find a citation for this, please comment below) that Steve Jobs would soon be filling the same role in fiction that Nikola Tesla had long occupied.…

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Hear me on Top Geak

New podcast debuts today, and I’m on it. Top Geak. It includes an excerpt from the latest Comp-Sci-Fi story, and a brief interview with moi. My skills at impersonating a human are improving. 🙂

On the same episode are interviews with Sylvester McCoy (My favorite Doctor!)…

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Intermediate TODOing with Agents and Attributes

Previously, we set up a simple TODO list, because keeping things in a system of record beats keeping things in your head, every single time. Go ahead and review this setup so it’s fresh in mind. I will assume that most readers are like me and need refreshers from time to time.…

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