My novel Broken Tablet is participating in the Kindle Scout program. This means:

  • During a 30-day campaign (April 1-30) it is available for readers like you to nominate
  • Amazon editors will choose which books go on to be published, with a contract & advance & royalties, etc.
  • Books that get the most nominations show up higher on the editors’ radar (though nominations alone won’t get a book published)

So here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit the Broken Tablet page on Kindle Scout
  2. Click the Nominate Me button

That’s it.

But what you can do to really help is:

  1. Spread the word. Tell all your friends who are into sci-fi & time travel to also nominate. Remember, everyone who nominates gets a free copy of the book upon publication, so telling your friends about this valuable intel!

Some more tips:

  • If your employer has an internal social network or mailing list with a topic devoted to science-fiction, post a brief note there. It could be as simple as:

Hey, an author I follow has a time-travel book up on Kindle Scout, kind of like American Idol for novels. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can nominate it to go forward, and everyone who nominates gets a free copy, if it gets published.

  • To make it easier to spread the word, I’m also hosting a giveaway of a Kindle Fire. (Get it? For Broken Tablet, I’m giving away a working tablet). And all entrants will get access to an audiobook set in the Broken Tablet universe. Good times!
  • Here’s a sample posting for Facebook or social media

Time travel author Micah Joel is running a Kindle Scout campaign. Nominate his book to help it get published, and get a free copy.

In support of his bronze age time travel book launch, Micah Joel is giving away a Kindle Fire. Go check it out:

FAQ: When I visit the page, the button says “Remove nomination”…what do I do?  Nothing! That means you’ve already nominated. The Broken Tablet should also appear in your right sidebar.

And no, this is not an April Fools joke. Go see how I did!

Update 1: Campaign ended. Waiting for results.