I wrote this on not-yet-end-of-day on April 30th. While the campaign was still running. How can this be a retrospective?

Well, I have an all-day meeting on Day 30, so I won’t be online. So as far as I’m concerned, this is the end of the campaign.

Also, I hoped that the final few readers would see this very article before the campaign ends, and will feel the peer pressure and decide to nominate Broken Tablet. Finish strong, always.

Traffic events:

  • I printed up a few hundred business cards with a URL and concise instructions, then gave them out like crazy. Hard to tell if this made much of a difference overall.
  • Immediately after launch: a few days of near silence. Plenty of time to freak out.
  • I heard a rumor that after first few days of the campaign, the link was bouncing around inside Google. Awesome! This helped provide a strong initial burst, and got me on the “Hot” list starting on Day 3. (Though I didn’t realize this until someone else pointed it out to me)
  • The middle two weeks of the campaign were fairly flat.
  • Towards the end, I pulled out all the stops and got back on the “Hot” list for a strong finish.
  • Day 30 went well, finishing on the “Hot” list.

Notable mentions:

(There were more, not all of which I’ve even seen. If you notice others comment below. I don’t Facebook, so I definitely missed all the mentions that happened there.)

Blog Promotion:

I won’t know whether this results in publication and “featured Amazon marketing” until about two more weeks. But even this far, the campaign has exceeded my expectations. Thank you amazing people everywhere, and stay tuned for more.

Keep track of my campaign and see whether I get published on the campaign page here.


Updated after campaign formally closed.