Busy month at Chez Joel. Early in the month was an all-consuming business trip, and mid-month was Paradise Lost 2, a reunion of sorts for Viable Paradise grads. On top of that was determined progress on a final pass through my novel which is going slower than expected, but it’ll get done.

As I mentioned here, hanging out with Jay Lake has a way of highlighting your shortcomings when it comes to managing your submit pile. Jay was gracious enough to walk us through the spreadsheet he uses. I had lots of stories just sitting there, or in need of a minor touch-up before going out. So I resolved to get them back into circulation, one day at a time. How did I do? See this Duotrope screenshot for accountability.

Quite well. 11 submissions in 11 days. 2 of them already came back as rejections, hence the gaps for 24 and 28 May. And there’s good news still to come on one of those shortlistings, but I’ll wait until the publisher announces first.

Desk condition: after the massive clean-up that seems like only days ago, it’s again pretty trashed. How did this water-damaged copy of Make magazine get here? How did this tangle of cables next to the Kindle Fire get so, well, tangled?

Gotta go–this scene ain’t gonna write itself. -m