I spent an extended weekend in the surprisingly-pleasant weather conditions of San Antonio at the Paradise Lost 2 reunion/workshop.

We had Jay Lake, John Joseph Adams, and Steven Brust as guest instructors, all of which I was very happy to meet and learn from. VPXIV’s Seamus Bayne did a great job of organizing and rallying the troops. Some photos. It was great to reunite with some old friends, meet face-to-face for the first time with some Twitter friends, and meet some new friends. I got some supremely useful comments on the story I wrote and submitted for the event. It was wonderful, inspiring…and draining.

Attendees: I have some meager notes as plain text files. They may not be useful for anyone other than me, but If you’re interested, find my contact details under the about link on my blog site. (And non-attendees: sorry, no can do. It’s a sekrit)

Seriously, I’m fried right now. This deserves a much longer write-up, but I’m not up for it right now.