Read LevelUP online

Once upon a time there was a book by Ernest Cline called Ready Player One. It was good.

Then there was a movie version of Ready Player One. It was OK.

I took all the parts I liked about this genre, and fixed all the parts I thought were broken. When I was done, I had a novel that feels similar while being completely different. LevelUP.

(Not to be confused with Craig Anderson’s similarly named Level Up. Good thing book titles are not copyrightable!)

I’ve put my entire book online for free. If you don’t like reading in a browser, or if you simply want to support independent authors, you can buy a professionally-formatted copy in Kindle or paperback formats.

Read LevelUP. And check out the rest of the easter eggs hidden on

What’s an 8-bit novel? It’s 80s nostalgia (like Stranger Things + geeky retro gaming (like Ready Player One) + interactive text adventures (like Zork) + a touch of Mr Robot.

Let me know what you think.